Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union

Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Workers' rights and duties of safety and health at work

Employment contract borderline with other contracts issue is caused by a number of legal problems in legal practice, because of how skilled a contract between the two entities, will depend on further problems. If a person has contracted it:1) insured by state social insurance with the ensuing consequences;2) he is calculated seniority;3) If a person is injured at work, it will also have certain legal consequences.

By duration- For an indefinite period (simply, seasonal, temporary);- Undated.According to the working conditions- Service work;- With housework.Entity- With minors;- Pregnant women;- invalids

Employee wages depend on the quantity and quality of jobs, businesses, institutions, organizations and performance of labor demand and supply in the labor market. For men and women for the same or an equivalent job paid equal wages.

2) Work involving the use of toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or harmful to health;

Government approves persons under eighteen years of employment, health checks and their abilities to do specific work, working hours, prohibited work, unhealthy and hazardous factors list. The government sets people up to eighteen years of training conditions and procedures. Persons under the age of eighteen can not simultaneously handle more than one job, if the total working time exceeds the Occupational Safety and Health statutory working time. The company, institution or organization should be composed of employees up to the age of eighteen list.

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  • Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union
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