Test: body language

Dave was scratching his. head. as if to say he didn’t understand anything. When Elaine is stressed she tends to bite her. nails. Evelyn always has a beautiful broad. smile. on her face. The teacher pointed his. finger. at the boy at the back of the classroom. Fiona stood there with her. arms. folded. Patricia sat down casually with her. legs. crossed. The teacher looked at Greg and raised one. eyebrow. in doubt. From her open. mouth. and shocked expression we knew that she had had bad news.

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1It is hoped that the patient will improve/ increase with therapy.

2If you set the washing machine temperature too high, your clothes will lower/shrink.

3I’m afraid you don’t serve/fulfil the requirements for the position.

4You’ll need to minimise/reduce your cholesterol if you want to be healthy.

5You cannot experience/sample the produce before buying it, so choose carefully.

6These measures were taken to serve/ assist people with disabilities.

8I feel it is important for me to study hard this weekend. I must study hard this weekend.

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