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Plan. About Telia. What offer Telia. Talia meterials. Why Telia? What offer telia? What are the telia materials? Why choose us? Telia mobile services. More value for that. Telia Mobile Internet on smart technologies. Our visions. Our goals are to be the first in Lithuania. The project has been prepared by.

Plan:1)About Telia2) What offer Telia3) Talia meterials4) Why Telia ?

Internet Smart television Digital Tv Home Phone Telia e-shop.

Extra-wide range of services The most powerful networks Modern data centres Everything from a single source We work based on the best international practices – ISO standards. We operate in a sustainable, fair and transparent manner. The Company’s shares are listed on.

Network leader. loyalty program. With telia, houses are always next door. Fair pricing. Socially responsible company.

Comfortable. Trusted everywhere. Secure No long-term commitment Smart.

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