Special financing

Special financing lease financing. Elements of leasing. Term of lease. Type of leasing. Based on the term Finance Lease. Based on the method Sale and lease back. Based in the parties involved Single investor lease. Based in the area Domestic lease. Advantages of leasing. Financing of fixed asset. Assets based finance. Low rate of interest. Features of venture capital. Modus of Operations. Types of factoring Notified factoring. Non notified or confidential factoring. With recourse or without recourse factoring. Bank Participation Factoring. Foreign direct investment. Objectives of Credit Rating. Advantages of Mutual Funds. Types of Mutual Fund. Open Ended Mutual Fund. Closed Ended Mutual Fund. Growth Generated Mutual Fund. Balanced Mutual Fund. Domestic Mutual Fund. Global Mutual Fund. Regional Mutual Fund. Sector Mutual Fund. Interest bearing instruments.

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  • Special financing
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