My special snack recipy „teaspoon“

My special snack recipy „teaspoon“.

Take the salmon and cut it into small pieces about 1mm pieces.

Now the garnet and peel it, leave on the small seeds from inside.

Now take all the engriedients and mix them into one solid masse. Add some more spices, like pepper, if needed salt, if you want it spicy add some chilly.

Pick one of you made spoons and put some cavier on top, add parsley, and place it on the place, with the handle to the corner of plate so you could fit more of spoons you made.

Repeat it all over again untill you make them all the same.

IIf you like you can replace red cavier with black cavier, or parsley with leek or dill.

Its time to end it with lemon. Take ur lemon and take few slices of it.

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  • My special snack recipy „teaspoon“
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