Charity Organisation essay

Charity Organisation essay.

Charity organisations: Today I would like to tell you about charity organisations. Here we can see a given chart that tells us about organisations which get support during charity campaigns. The highest percentage is for religious, and the lowest percentage is for environment and animals, whereas education and culture have 30 % and health and social welfare have 20%.

Moving on if I would need to choose to volunteer for a local hospital or a local kindergarten, it would be a hard choice, because I like kids and volunteering in a kindergarten would be really fun, however to volunteer in a local hospital would be more useful and I would gain more knowledge. In hospitals people work hard, and they save lives which is incredible. It would be a good opportunity for me to gain experience that would come in handy in the future, and of course I would feel happy for doing a good deed by helping in the hospital.

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  • Charity Organisation essay
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