Sales management

Sales management.

Out if no Addes Value, otherwise specialisation in niche market.

Key products: Upstream to More R&D Multi brand development Less assembly Bv Lights, clutches...

Key products: Downstream to More assembly and decreasing costs Universal productionplatform Less R&D – outsourced.

Mainstream producten: PL development for aftermarket Bv bolts, paint.

Original equipment supplier (oes) + extra added value maintenance repair overhaul (mro).

Buys paint at a wholesaler Transports everything Sticks everything off Sands everything off Cleans everything Painted ceilings, doors etc cleans up everything back on.

Has blanket orders for paint company A handles the transport Company B takes care of the sticking and sanding Company C does the cleaning Paints himself Lets firm D clean everything up.

Back to core business Example 5: Paints & Coatings.

Demanding customers Private: flexible and emotional at the lowest possible price (cfr Amazon, Zalando, Business: ultra high demands, riskfree co-development Example 5: PL/EM developments PL is demanded by Retailers, but are hesitant to produce for themselves Brands want increased production capacity and client loyalty Good kept secrets.

Demanding customers Because of market saturation: many providers, power at the buyers-> buyers market These sales are, when selling medium to complex goods, organized in a BtoB Problem Solving Unit (PSU) The buying proces with the discerning clients is also complex and organized in purchase Decision Making Unit (DMU).

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