International Marketing Management

Introduction. Standardization vs Adaptation. Policy decision of Standardization. Benefits of Standardization. Advantages and Disadvantages of Standardization. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adaptation. Sales Force. Benefits of Sales Force. Marketing Communication Mix. Management of Sales Force in the International Market. Sales Force Planning Process. Conclusion. Reference.

The sales force should be evaluated weekly or monthly as the company has launched the product new to the market. Through the evaluation, the company measure the success of the company. The company can decide key performance indicators like the sales per person, the customers reached daily etc so that the performance of the customers is monitored. Using these key performance indicators, the company should evaluate the sales force.

When entering an international market, the company should be concerned about the policy used by the company whether it is standardistion or adapatation. The company should identify the benefits and disadvantages of both policies and select the most suitable policy which suits the organisation to enter to the international market.

Also the company should be concerned how they are going to promote the product into the new market. As the company is in introductory stage, the sales force can be the best method to promote the product. However the company should motivate and their performance should be evaluated so that the company can track the successfulness of their launch.

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