Revenue management presentation

Revenue management. Client segments. Price structure. Public rate category. Corporate rate category. Travel agency rate category. Wholesales rate category. Price structure by segments. Up selling. (business IndividualUp selling. (Leisure CouplesUp selling. (Leisure GroupsRate codes. Ways to maximize revenue. What is Revenue Management? Key Performance Measures. Pricing & Promotion Strategy. Integrated, Automated Technology. Call Center Services & Online Response Team. Online Marketing. Social Media. Upsale and additional sales items. Segmentation.

Business individual Leasure family Leasure couples Business groups Leasure groups.

Public rate category Corporate rate category TA rate category Wholesales rate category.

Highest possible rate category High season / low season Online reservation sites Lower price only available for special offers (non- refundable, long-stay).

Wholesalers special offers during low season – stay 3 pay 2.

Each segment has different booking channels Pricing according to booking channels.

Room upgrade (ch/in) Hotel car transfer from-to Airport (booking, ch/in) VIP service at the airport Restaurant (a la carte, special offer) Snacks+drink during late C-In Parking.

Upgrade with special ameneties in room (flowers, fruits, wine) (booking) Bicycle rent (on site) Tickets to events (on site, booking) Yachting (on site) Special packaged dinner (on site) Sightseeing (on site).

Corp fit corp grp ta standard ta top public whs.

Revenue Management Pricing Strategy Infrastructure Call Center Services & Support Online Marketing Social Media.

Revenue Management is the culmination of the following practices and disciplines designed to optimize revenue materialization for an asset, group, or organization:.

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