Rural Tourism in Lithuania (2)

Rural Tourism in Lithuania (2).

Many of high quality farmsteads can offer activities which includes berry/mushroom picking in a woods, beekeeping, hunting, fishing. Gatherings with village community by the fire place, where visitors can taste some home made beers, liqueurs, learn how to knit and sew.

The most popular farmsteads usually has a lake or a river on a side. Thats the main goal people are looking for. These kind of places very often has Lithuanian sauna, which is a mix between Russian and Finish saunas. It can be described as health therapy for skin. Really often local people recommend honey masks for all body to reach the better results. Its not a secret that back in a days, sauna was one of the most attractive pleasures for villagers. Lately, it is very popular to have a hot tub in a yard, where water temperature can reach 70-80 degrees, tourists love this amenity in winter moths. Imagine yourself, sitting in the hot tub, looking at the view of the frozen lake surrounded by deep dark forests covered in white snow and you pleasing the thirstiness of the heat with the glass of the local, home made beer.

Farmsteads usually highlight the organic products, cuisine, drinks. Many places can be proud of friendly environment service.

The latest SWAT analysis of Lithuanian Rural Tourism proves that Lithuania has an amazingly high possibilities to become one of the best places to go for tourists who wants to spend their holidays in peaceful and natural environment. Unfortunately, this kind of business is not that well developed yet, and Lithuanians really need to work on it, increase the level of services, languages and knowledge.

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