Reported speech Why study?

Reported speech Why study? .

General question Do you know her? Did you meet your friend yesterday? Will you go to Vilnius tomorrow? Have you seen this movie? Are you looking forward to Christmas holiday? Can you speak Russian?

‘Do you know her?’ (tiesioginis klausimas) She asked whether/ if I know her. (neteisioginis klausimas).

‘Did you meet your friend yesterday?’ (tiesioginis klausimas) He wanted to know whether/if I met my friend the day before. (neteisioginis klausimas).

‘Where did you live 10 years ago?’ (tiesioginis klausimas) He wondered where I lived 10 years before. (neteisioginis klausimas).

She wondered if Jim would have to give up caving (urvų tyrimas) in the future. 6. She asked Jim if he was going to hospital. 7. She asked him when he had realised he was in trouble. 8. She wanted to know what advice Jim would give to other cavers. (urvų tyrėjas).

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  • Reported speech Why study?
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