Speech Recognition Systems Benefits

What is Speech Recognition? How speech recognition works? About speech recognition. Few things about Dragon NaturallySpeaking. What is speech recognition used for? (benefits). For what kind of tasks speech recognition is useful? Things we could see in a future. Thank you for your attention.

Speech recognition is abillity of a mashines to identify words and phrases of humans spoken language and convert them into the mashines readable language. Indentification works beter with a discrete speech (using pauses between words) than a common speech.

Speech recognition ussually used for the people with their disabilities such as blindness, deafness or for the paralyzed. Sometimes speech recognition is useful for busy people. They just don‘t have enought time to make all operations. Another way using speech recognition is for security. Some companies or secured military bases using speech to access not permitted areas were civilians can‘t access.

For what kind of tasks speech recognition is useful?

Speech recognition can make various of tasks included in the software. Default system recognition software can: Find locations on the map. Give a call to selected person. Write a messages and send them. Access the internet for information.

Speech recognition systems could be connected to artificial intelligence in that case software would learn words by itself by analysing people dialects and language differences.

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