Questions about a Company

What other nationalities work at your company. What are the main personalities you could name that other culture has at the company. Do often other culture employees bring unique ideas ? Kaip sprendziamos problemos darbe. In communication with other cultures , do you often feel misunderstood or is it any difficulties to understand them. Do you often use humor ? Do you understand each other. Have you ever experienced any serious misunderstanding or conflicts with other culture workers. Which other culture personalities fascinate you most. What do you thing ? Do other culture representatives justify or confirm company expectations. What are the main aspects of the different attitude of the work. What do you thing ? Does different cultures that works at the company are responsible equally. Is it easy to collaborate ? Or to find a common language. Would you like to travel and visit your colleague’s home countries.

1. Could you please first of all represent yourself and the company you are working for? How big company is? Your position? Which other countries you co-operate with? (pavadinimas kompanijos, zmogaus vardas,pavarde, kiek jam metu, kiek metu jau dirba toje kompanijoje tegul atsako dar)

Ar galetumete is pradziu papasakoti apie save ir kompanija kurioje dirbate?

Kokio dydžio yra kompanija? Jusu pareigos? Su kuriomis salimis jus bendradarbiaujate?

3.What are the main personalities you could name that other culture has at the company?

Ar jus darydamas svarbius sprendimus kompanijoje aptariate su kitos tautybes darbuotojais ? ar kompanijos darbuotojai toleruoja jusu sprendimus ar jie daznai sutampa?

5. Do often other culture employees bring unique ideas? Kaip sprendziamos problemos darbe?

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