Possibilities for entering the USA market

Possibilities for entering the USA market.

LevelUp's goal is to become a strong player in their industry.

From the interview we have with the company's representative several challenges emerged:

This project will not include primary data, specifically no data from surveys from customers, due to the reason that it would not have given proper information. To have our assumption of a thousand football coaches, having only a small fracture of received information would not be sufficient, and would not be able to reflect authentic result.

Moreover, since Level UP is in the startup phase, that is that the company is not generating any revenue whatsoever yet, this report is trying to focus on suggestions that requires minimum amount of capital to invest, this way Level Up will be more likely to apply the group’s suggestions. There could have been suggestions with higher success rates, although at this time, at this status of the company, it would have been impossible to manage.

There is a wide variety of tools to help describing a company’s processes and how other activities are managed. In this section LevelUp will be described with the Business Model Canvas, invented by Alex Osterwalder. With this tool the 9 inter-connective blocks and how they work together can be explained. The canvas model is used to design and describe a business model. The model also analyzes how a company makes profit and brings value to their customers. Each section of the model represents an area that is crucial for a company's functionality.

The first block is a part that is used to determine who are the organizations/firms that are part of the business operations of LevelUp. For the Danish company the key partners at this point are football clubs that are using LevelUp's product. Some of these clubs are considered clubs because they are giving feedback to the company about the product, to LevelUp these partners also as testers and clients.

The basic key activity for LevelUp is creating professional football performance analysis. Moreover, in order to generate revenue, another key activity for LevelUp is creating reports by transforming video materials into figures and numbers. As the extraordinary high-technical way of streaming video is totally new innovation of LevelUp. Because of the constant competition on the app market another key activity for LevelUp is innovation and upgrades of the product. Research and development plays a crucial part for the company, because they are offering a digital product that is in need of constant improvements in order to be competitive on the market.

The LevelUp application was created for football coaches, managers and players as a substitution for pen and paper to keep tracks about football players regarding their performance. With help of tablet platform an innovative application records all the activities that are happening during a football match: for example how many passes were made during the game? Who was passing and who received the pass? How many tackles a player has made? All these activities can be applied in the app with different finger gestures. These are being kept, and used in the future for statistical purposes. In a few moments high-technology app analyses all the collected data and generates it to full informational report. This sports data collecting tool provides perfect time saving solution for the customers which is highly convenient. The application is focused on providing customers an easy usability, simultaneously keeping multi-functional quality. LevelUp simplified usage process by creating user-friendly interface and comfortable design. Moreover, the company's official website is highly informative, the website provides guidance for customers and contributes clarity on product usage, price and benefits. Usually, sports data collection services are highly expensive and is unaffordable for many small and medium sized football clubs. Membership options and prices in LevelUp are very attractive to the customers and competitively cheaper. Plus, the company’s provided application has good quality and price proportion. The product's offers monthly, seasonal and yearly memberships from which at least one is needed for the product to be used by a client. The app is a easy-to-use tool that helps a person conclude performance analyses by themselves. The app also has a database in which performance analyses of past matches are stored. It can be assessed by every customer that has a membership.

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