Politics and economics in my life

Politics and economics in my life.

My interest in social sciences precipitated due to a lack of civil society in Lithuania. Despite the fact that 25 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the “I cannot change anything” mentality looms large. It leads to inadequate populist parties taking the majority of the seats in Parliament, creating a vicious cycle of citizens being displeased by their government. So I started seeking knowledge and developing skills to learn how to make things change. School history classes had a profound effect on my intellectual development as it not only told me what happened in the past, but also why something happened, and more often than not – politics and economics were part of the reason. The most substantial academic endeavor was my exchange year in the USA, where I was finally able to take courses on what I specifically enjoyed. Most notably AP Comparative Government and Politics, where I learned the intricate details of various political systems.

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  • Politics and economics in my life
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