Alternative energy sources

Alternative energy sources.

The methods used – the analysis of the theoretical sources.

Solar cells are not very common in Lithuania, but necessary. This is a great alternative to electricity. However, photovoltaic solar energy as the only permanent source of energy can be used only with the opportunity to accumulate, thus overlapping power failure caused by seasonal, daily and meteorological variations. At present, there are three storage methods: electricity in batteries, water accumulative basin, connecting to the public via a reversing counters. Lithuania should think about solar thermal energy. To make the sun‘s economically attractive, it should pay off in 7 years, and today it pays off in only 25 years. Solar energy development subsidies are necessary for electricity generation.

Advantages of wind power: wind resources are inexhaustible; wind power plants are environmentally friendly, producing clean energy, without distinguishing between the environmentally harmful substances; more efficient wind turbines; electricity production cost is constantly decreasing (Dinell, Russ, 2007). Disadvantages of wind power: power supply fluctuations; unnecessary energy storage problem is still not solved; noise and high investment cost, slow payback time (Kiss, 2014).

Wind power is used long time in Lithuania. Windmills were making the energy which was used to grind grains and pump water. Nowadays windmills are not so much used and wind power is being made in wind power plants. This renewing source is very popular because wind power plants are becoming more silent, efective, cheaper and is a good alternative.

Both in the world and in Lithuania, hydropower is currently the most popular energy renewal resources. Hydropower is the main alternative source of energy, providing more than 80% of electricity from renewable sources. Other forms of hydropower are the wave and tidal energy.

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