Measurment of sound speed in air

Measurment of sound speed in air.

( - waves lenght; N – amplitudes max numbers; L – lenght betwen first max and last.

v – sounds wave speed; f – sounds generator frequency; N – amplitudes max numbers.

i – degrees of freedom; γ – gas molar specific heat difference

3. Repeat bullet 2 measurements for two more times and extract the average value of the distance 1 N x x − . Use this value and calculate the speed of the sound v, the de- grees of freedom of the air molecules, and the ratio of the molar specific heats γ using .Note these results in Table 1 as measurement No. 1.

Using Kundts method we measured speed of sound in the air and gas molar specific heat.

Literature: N. Astrauskienė, R. A. Bendorius, A. Bagdonavičius ir kt. 2009. Mechanc and thermodynamics.

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