Organisational structure

Organisational structure.

Functional organizations are grouped into departments that report to a single authority, usually management. Functional activities refer to th grouping of jobs and tasks into the function to which they belong. Each functional unit handles one aspect of the production or service provided: information technology, marketing, development, research, finance, human recourses and distribution. CG chocolates is a functional structure organization because it is a smaller company and focuses on a single product chocolate. Top management and owner Charlie is responsible for coordinating the efforts of each functional activity within an organization.

All this activity is not performed by one person, authority should be provided to others too in order to process the transferring of authority of responsibility between management and employees to accomplish a certain task is called delegation of authority. Authority is the right to act and the power to make Decision. For the J.O.C new structure recommended most of the authority want to Suzy, managers need to consult her to make decisions, to carry out actions, and to direct others. Responsibility is to assign duty placed on a person who has a certain position to perform a task.

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