Misconception: Meteors are falling stars

Misconception. Meteors are falling starsNovelty Interest DescriptionBackground – Meteroids and how they became meteors. Hitting atmosphere.

There are many objects that fly in space. A meteoroid  is a small rocky or metallic body in space. Meteoroids are a lot smaller than other space bodies, and usually they are less than a meter-sized or even sand grain sized. Objects smaller than this are classified to micrometeroids or even space dust. Most are fragments from comets or asteroids, whereas others are ejected parts from bodies such as Mars or the Moon. These bodies are composed of stone, stone and iron or a mixture of iron with other metals having a very low aspect ratio. When meteoroids traverses with Earth's atmosphere at night, they are likely to become visible as meteors.

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  • Misconception: Meteors are falling stars
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