My favorite film slides: Divergent

My favorite film. Stars. Tris Prior(Shailene Woodley)- A brave girl is determined to overcome all difficulties and worries. The Chicago society. Movie description. She names herself. More about the.

The Chicago society in which Beatrice Prior lives is divided into five layers that profess certain values: the Righteous (who value honesty), the Humble (selfless), the Fearless (courage), the Peaceful (friendliness), the Erudite (mind). Each year, during the Election Ceremony, sixteen-year-olds decide what to choose. Beatrice has to choose between staying with her family and obeying her heart. Her decision surprises everyone, even herself. The girl has to overcome her fears and doubts.

She names herself in Trichet and tries to understand who her real friends are and how it will happen to romantic feelings for a charming, sometimes crazy guy.

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  • My favorite film slides: Divergent
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