Migraine presentation

Migraine. Introduction Theoretical background Aim of. Content. Migraine is a. What is migraine? Headache pain occurred on one side of the head. Symptoms. This analysis is. Theoretical background. The research conducted in the USA in. Effective activities or. The aim of. Our research aim, method and respondents. Prevalence of migraine, by household income group. Findings. Nowadays students experience high level of stress. Conclusions. Eliminate Monday morning. Suggestions. Marshall L L. References. Seyedfatemi N.

The research conducted in the USA in 2008. Findings Main reasons of stress: Family and relationships (36%) Examinations and tests (24%) Outside of class assignments (18%) Finances (14%) (Marshall et al, 2008).

Nowadays students experience high level of stress. Stress makes students feel tired, emotional, panicked, irritable and anxious. The findings of all studies were approximately similar: Most common stress trigger is examination. Exercising, time with family/friends, sleeping and watching TV – most popular ways to cope with stress.

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  • Migraine presentation
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