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History of anesthesia
History of anesthesia. What is anesthesia? Anesthesia is a. Anesthesia may be used to. Relax you Block. Dictionary. Soporifics – a. Jimson weed. Mandrake. The hystory of anesthesia. Early anesthetics. Early anesthetics were soporifics (which ...
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2017 12 08
Hydrotherapy presentation
Hydrotherapy. Vocabulary. Hydropathy Occupational therapy Naturopathy Proponent Buoyancy Masseur Locomotor system Epsom salts Engorged. Content. What is Hydrotherapy? History. Hydrotherapy, formerly called hydropathy and also called water cure. ...
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2018 04 03
Immune system
The Immune system. What is the immune system? It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria. The major components of the immune system include. Lymph nodes Lymphatic vessels  Spleen Bone. The Lymphatic system consists of bone marrow. ...
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2017 12 19
Influenza presentation
Influenza. Content. Definition of influenza Description Causes and symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Conclusion. Description. The flu is considerably more debilitating than the common cold. Symptoms. Diagnosis. A number of rapid tests are ...
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2018 10 04
Medical discoveries
Medical discoveries. A medical procedure that is now so common that we take it for granted. X-ray. Insulin is the life-saving hormone that keeps our blood sugars in check. Insulin. Another huge difference. Birth Control. The late 19th century saw ...
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2018 03 17
Migraine presentation
Migraine. Introduction Theoretical background Aim of. Content. Migraine is a. What is migraine? Headache pain occurred on one side of the head. Symptoms. This analysis is. Theoretical background. The research conducted in the USA in. Effective ...
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2018 10 04
Nanotechnology presentation
What is nanotechnology? Premodern examples of nanotechnology. , talk given by physicist Richard Feynman. Scale of nanomaterials. The Scanning Tunneling Microscope. (STMFirst nanoparticles. Fun facts. Examples of nanotechnology consumer products. ...
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2019 04 29
Narcotic substances, their characteristics, prevention slides
Narcotic substances, their characteristics, prevention. Introduction. Narcotic. Narcotic types. Tranquilizers. Side effects of tranquilizers. Stimulants. Drugs that are classed as stimulants include. Most commonly- abused stimulants. Stimulants ...
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2019 06 04
Neural network slides
Intelligent systems. Continent. What is a neural network? Neurons + synapses = nn. Variety of neural networks. What are they used for? How to make that nn give right answers? Some examples of machine learning. Fuzzy logic. Traditional logic s. ...
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2018 10 04
Non allergic rhinitis
Environmental or occupational irritants. Weather changes. Foods and beverages. Certain medications. Hormone changes. Skin test. Blood test. Saline nasal sprays. Corticosteroid nasal sprays. Antihistamine nasal sprays. Anti drip anticholinergic ...
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2018 12 06
Organ donation presentation
Organ donation a gift of life. Organ donation. Organ donation is the process of removing tissues or organs from live. Different organs such. LIVE DONATIONS (When the person making the donation is aliveTwo situations under which organ donation ...
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2017 12 08
Organ donation slides
Organ donation. Outline. About organ donation Organs and tissues can be transplanted Types of donation Organ donor. Aim. To prove that one donor can save many lives. Transplants can save or greatly enhance the lives of other people. Organs and ...
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2019 05 20
Parents' experiences of caring for sons and daughters with schizophrenia
Parents' experiences of. Key words. Schizophrenia Carers Coping Social support. Introduction / Previous studies. Research findings indicate. The aim. To investigate the experiences of a group of parents in detail and. Method. Sample. Participants ...
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2019 02 18
Parents' experiences of caring for sons and daughters with schizophrenia: a qualitative analysis of coping
Parents' experiences of. Key words. Introduction / Previous studies. The aim. Method. Sample. Method. Clinical symptoms and coping strategies. Resources available to carers. Social support. Self-help groups. Mental health services. Discussion. ...
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2018 10 04
Plastic surgeries
Plastic surgeries. Made by. Introduction. Plastic surgery is. Skin Grafting. A skin graft is the replacement of a patient’s skin. Reconstructive Surgery. The plastic surgery can be necessary for those people. Life quality. Sometimes plastic ...
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2017 12 08
Presentation about Bulimia
Bulimia. Marija l. Iiia. Content. What is bulimia? Symptoms of bulimia What causes bulimia? Treatment for bulimia. A mental illness  large. Symptoms of bulimia. Problems with the. Thoughts and feelings. Therapy Self-help and support groups ...
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2019 04 03
Presentation about Chlamydia trachomatis
Chlamydia trachomatis. Outline. Chlamydia trachomatis Hystorical information Life cycle of the Chlamydia Chlamydia infection PCR. Vocabulary. Chlamydia infection. One of the most common sexually transmitted infections caused by bacteria called ...
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2019 05 15
Presentation about Depression
Depression. Content. Introduction List of relevant. Introduction. Depression is a. List of relevant words. Disorder – mental. What causes depression. Depression can be. Symptoms. Diagnosis. Depression can occur in every person children. ...
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2019 03 12
Presentation about Flu and cold
Flu and cold. Flu. Flu - is. Symptoms. Muscle pain Fever Loss of appetite Sore throat Eye redness Headaches Cold Aching bones. The incubation period can last from 2 to 5 days. The Flue spreads fast, affecting lots of people in the short period of ...
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2019 03 28
Presentation about Heart failure
Causes. Having one risk factor may be enough to trigger heart failure. Symptoms of acute heart failure. Other symptoms of  acute heart failure include. Diagnosing acute heart failure. In addition, your doctor might order some combination of the ...
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2019 03 18
Presentation about Human Muscular system
Muscular system. The main function. The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body. The main organs of the muscular system and their function. Visceral (Smooth) Muscle Visceral Muscle is found inside of organs like ...
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2019 03 28
Presentation about Insomnia
Insomnia. Content. Introduction Theoretical background Aim of research Method of research Respondents Findings Conclusions Suggestions References. What is Insomnia? It’s a common. Impact of insomnia. Attention lapses Slow reaction. Theoretical ...
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2019 02 25
Presentation about The red cross
The Red Cross. The international red. Purpose. The ICRC is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in. Formation 17 February 1863 154 years ago Type Private humanitarian organization Headquarters Geneva. Mission. The core tasks. What they ...
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2019 02 12
Profession doctor powerpoint
Good Morning. Profession doctor. Very important Much to learn Responsible job Respect and honor. Very important. Doctor‘s job is very important because it safes our lifes. Much to learn. If you want. Responsible job. Every doctor has to be ...
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2018 01 23
Regeneration of human tissues
Tissue engineering or regenerative medicine refers to the attempt to create functional human tissue from cells in a laboratory. Tissue engineering relies on a four important factors: the right cells to do the job, the right environment to support ...
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2017 12 08
Respiratory system slides
General Organization and Functions of the Respiratory System. Respiratory System Functions. Upper Respiratory Tract. Nose and Nasal Cavity. Paranasal Sinuses. Pharynx. Lower Respiratory Tract. Larynx. Trachea. Bronchial Tree. Respiratory ...
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2018 10 04
Slides on Acupuncture
Acupuncture. What is it? Acupuncture is a. How does it work? Inserting needles into. Uses. Acupuncture has been proven. Benefits. Acupuncture can be beneficial in that Performed correctly. Risks. All therapies have risks as well as benefits. ...
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2019 10 15
Stem cells
Stem cells. Stem cells (I). Stem cells (II). Stem cells (III). Stem cells in medicine (I). Stem cells in medicine (II). Stem cells in medicine (III). Baldness. Wound healing. Bone marrow stem cell transplant. Treatment of cancer with stem cells ...
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2017 12 08
Stroke presentation
Stroke. Content. Introduction Terms Statistics Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Conjugation with occupational therapy Sources. Introduction. Stroke – blood flow to brain obstructed – lack of O2 in brain. Terms. Stroke – insultas ...
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2018 03 17
Sugar: habits and dangers
The author of the article states a stunning fact, that not only laboratory rats are dependent on sugar, but also people around the western civilization have serious addiction to sugar problems. Sugar is already used not only as a sweetener, but ...
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2018 03 17