Evolution of dental hygiene

Evolution of dental hygiene. Oral hygiene is. The term "Dental hygiene" is attributed to the profession's founder. Dental hygiene has experienced a metamorphosis over the past century. The first class of dental hygiene professionals began working in public schools in. The first state dental hygiene association was formed by Connecticut dental hygienists in. By 1939, there were 8,000 dental hygienists in the US. As the dental hygiene profession continued to grow. In 1965 Jack. Pants are first offered as part of the dental hygienist's uniform. Dental hygienists are allowed to administer local anesthesia in 14 states. Currently 45 out of 50 states allow dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia. Dental hygiene today. Today’s dental hygienist.

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  • Evolution of dental hygiene
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