We have all heard this word but do we really know what exactly they do, what qualities they must have and lastly do they born or become a manager?

First of all lets discuss who they are and what are they doing

So, What do managers do? You can answer this question by dividing the job of the manager into five basic tasks:

But what should we do to have all these qualities? Do you think that good managers are born or made?

Many people would question this theory arguing that without the necessary support, development, coaching and right opportunities people can never become managers. They may also contend that managers simply can’t be born with the ability to handle the pressure, the company politics, the office envy and the other responsibilities that are associated with a managerial position and that these abilities have to be learnt through life experience. There isn't a definitive answer to whether managers are born or made and this debate will inevitably carry on for years to come. So its very difficult question, but if you would ask my opinion, I would say that a good manager can born and made because everything depends on the individual.

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