Tesla motors: Handbook for Managers

Tesla motors: Handbook for Managers.

We create an amazing experience atmosphere in our workplace. It is a creative company that is concerned about sustainable living and pushing the envelope on too. We put a lot of effort to make employee’s workplace wonderful. It is strongly important to have an environment where people look forward to coming to work and our main goal is to make them to come here with a smile. All employees are going to work in an environment where everything is clean and pristine. (Management Consulted, 2015)

We work more than an average company and it is all about getting work done. There are always tons of work to be done. Everyone is focused on the product – the goal is to make great cars. That is why all of the employees are extremely dedicated and smart. They are masters at what they do, so criticism is guaranteed and very enlightening. We created an environment, where every employee has a great opportunity to improve his knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, we respect both types of people: morning and evening. That’s why we offer for everyone in the factory to choose between morning and night shifts. Many people prefer to work at morning shifts and those hours officially are from 6 to 2.30 Monday through Friday. Our main motivation is put on a raise. We always tell to our employees to achieve certain goals throughout the year to get that raise. People are working as hard as they can each day and it is helps them not even become better, but also get a greater salary.

All employees receive health insurance, and a large number of workers get dental coverage. Perks also include a casual working environment. There are ping pong and pool tables, which let employees to take some rest and have fun during the breaks. Furthermore, we provide opportunities to work outdoors and try to work in different departments. Things like free drinks, subsidized cell phone, stock options and a stock purchase plan are always open for our employees. However, the best Tesla Motors perk of all is the opportunity for all employees to drive a Tesla Roadster and, sometimes, even take one home for the weekend. (Glassdoor, 2016)

After hiring new employees we have our policy to check, which learning style is the most suitable from them. Mostly we hire only experts, but also there are some internships working in our company. Anyway, all new people have some challenges where they need to adapt and expand their knowledge. In this case, we have certain work positions, which are responsible to find out learning style of a new employee and help him to adapt to our company in the easiest way.

Firstly, for auditory learners we make some lectures. All those employees gathers to listen a speech of our company working methods. It helps them to pick up necessary information from listening and they learn better by communicating. Also, we encourage them to talk with all experts in a workplace to broaden their knowledge and skills. (Bailey, 2014)

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