Logistics company „Hoptrans“ presentation

Logistics company „Hoptrans“ presentation.

As we can see from the chart, the margin of this company was not that big but at Summer months it grew a little bit. Hoptrans Logistics is not the most favourite logistics company but they are still getting a really good profit which helps them to stick to they plan being the biggest logistics company in Lithuania.

As we see Hoptrans Logistics have a really good opportunity to grow and become the BIGGEST. If they will be safe around their threats and will use the oppurtunities they have a really good chance to grow even bigger than now. In conclusion, „Hoptrans Logistics“is a perfect starter company in Lithuania which gonna grow even bigger and stronger than other company‘s in Lithuania.

We are writing this letter to apologize for the logistics mistake from our end. We at Hoptrans logistics had a technical error in our logistics branch, due to which there was a problem at your end in receiving the said consignment. According to our records, you received 122 pieces of furniture rather than the 155 scheduled items. We sincerely apologize to you for this mistake and would soon try to dispatch the remaining pieces to your warehouse.

I am enclosing Purchase Order B-65 for the following building material supplies:

On 16 December 2015 we placed an order with your firm for a truck trailer. The consignment arrived yesterday but it was damaged. The rear door were smashed.

Is it possible that the shipment got into a car accident and our firm were not informed?

We would like to get paid repair services or we will send trailer back to you via shipment firm which services you will have to pay.

I read in your latest brochure about new cell phone launch, the Iphone 7. Being one of the biggest logistics company in Lithuania requires a lot of comunication. As a result, the Iphone 7 is a great interest to us.

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