Lithuanian Business Leaders

Lithuanian Business Leaders.

Viciunai group - is one of the most modern and economically strongest and largest business companies in Lithuania. Group companies develop food production, distribution, marketing, logistics, transport and developing agricultural businesses.

He graduated from Vilnius University Law Faculty. 1986-1992 year. He worked in the prosecutor's office. Since 1992. creates and develops businesses in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Spain, South Africa, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, PolandTadas Karosas founded and managed by LTK Capital Holding, which is concentrated in the area of ​​e-commerce:2008. invested in the online shop ", which has become the leading electronic stores in Lithuania;2011. Latvia invested in the latest electronic store Also acquired several other e-shop, which is growing rapidly in Latvia "" Estonia " and Finland,;2014. invested in order food to your home or office system FoodOut.Tadas Karoso managed Holdings LTK Capital owns a restaurant chain Cili Holdings owns restaurants "Chili pizza, chili Village", "Soya", "Forest", "Fit Food and food manufacturing division of food home. Since the establishment of the holding company has opened 130 restaurants mainly in the Baltic countries, multiple Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. 2014. open branch in Spain.

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