Lithuania heritage sites

Lithuania heritage sites.

Old town attracts many tourist because , it’s on the most one of the most beautiful old town in Central and Eastern Europe. There is admiring not just unique architecture, but also preserved natural environment, a lot of greenery of beautiful panoramas.

Another worth visiting place is Kernave. This is the first capital of Lithuania. In XIII century it’s one of the most meaningful Lithuanian country formation centres. Heres found unique finds revealing of our nation .

Kernave it’s fascinating for it’s landscape of hills and mounds. In all Baltic sea region there is no other five mounds complex as Kernave. Also Kernave is rich of various old architectural buildings .There you can see old neo-gothic churches, chapels and monuments.

In summer Kernave attracts large number of tourists due it’s on going celebrations and festival of folk. Also Kernave famous for the traditional Rasa festivals or national celebrations of Mindaugas conoration on July 6.

Kernave are also listed by UNESCO as a unique archeological and historical values complex.

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