Lidl expansion to Kazakhstan and Thailand

Lidl expansion to Kazakhstan and Thailand.

Opportunities: Potential to expand in the USA. Successfully expanding abroad can provide more funds to invest in the countries that already have Lidl stores. Expand their website to actually accept orders and sell products. Threats: International expansion of other global brands would cause more competition. Aldi surpassing their market share and becoming the dominant discount grocery retailer.

Natural resources Low level of unemployment Uranium, opens many opportunities for export Kazakhstan has entered many international organizations OECD UN Country is developing fast In the short period since independence has moved forward to become the 15th most developed country in the world. Want to build a way to the open sea to develop trade and other relationship Good conditions for starting own business Kazakhstan is situated in the heart of Eurasia which is good for trade Highly educated population 95% of elements from periodic table Low taxes, economic stability.

Undeveloped infrastructure Kazakhstan has a high level of corruption which slows down development out of 170 Kazakhstan is 147 Final products not as high quality as should be Dependent on international investment Over dependence on natural resources No big attraction for tourists pollution has a huge influence on that Too dependent on Russia, hurts bond with European countries.

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  • Lidl expansion to Kazakhstan and Thailand
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