Very complicated chart of accounts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain and France

Introduction. Chart of accounts. Russian chart of accounts. Accounting reform. Russian accounting standards. Statutory chart of accounts. Chart of accounts in Kazakhstan. Spanish Chart of Accounts. Conceptual framework. The Spanish Chart of Accounts for enterprises. Spanish National Chart of Accounts for Small-Medium Enterprises. Spanish GAAP Chart of Accounts Layout. French Chart of Accounts. Procedure of accounting. Accounts Classification. Conclusion. Bibliography. Table of figures. Table 1 chart of accounts example (current assetsTable 2 John Doe’s chart of accounts. Table 3 Kazakh chart of accounts. Table 4 example of Spanish chart of accounts. Table 5 French accounting classification.

Every country and its companies have their own chart of accounts but they all share the same accounting system. Not identical system, but fundamentals are quite the same. In some countries it’s more complicated than in others. I will try to cover all the important details of chart of accounts in different countries. Chart of accounts is very important document for companies, for their financial stability.

I chose to write about four countries. Two are located in Europe – Spain and France, and other two in Asia – Russia and Kazakhstan.

This is the sample of how does chart of account looks. Of course it’s not always short or long. They are different depending on a company. Here is an example:

Russian accounting system is very old it is a heritage from socialistic era of the Soviet Union. We may think, and logically it would be correct, that we could find most similarities in Russian accounting system and the others former communist countries. In fact, it’s not true. When communism collapsed, it initiated rapid and profound changes, which led these countries, go separate paths.

To compare Russian accounting system with other capitalistic countries is more constructive, than comparing them with former socialistic countries.

Russian accounting system, as every accounting system has its own characteristics. While looking at Russia’s, we can’t overlook the influence of taxation. Russia faced a lot of economical obstacles after fall of the Soviet Union. Its low economic situation has made taxation one of the fundamental questions in the Russian economy.

If we talk about mechanisms of regulation, Russian accounting system is more similar to Continental European accounting systems. For example, French accounting regulations are controlled by Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, which are similar to Russian – its regulations are controlled by Ministry of the Finance. And so on.

Russian accounting system can be done via classification of the legal system which were categorized by Nobes and Parker in their book “Comparative International Accounting”. They divided accounting system into two groups, one based on the common law, the other – on codified Roman law. Russia belongs to a codified Roman law group, because its purpose of legislation is to establish detailed rules, as a result the rules of financial accounting form the doctrine of financial accounting. To this group also belong Italy, France, Germany and many more, opposite than to countries which belong to common law, like United Kingdom or United states.

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