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The University of Economics and Culture. Neighboring rights. The Rome Convention. Neighboring rights. Performers. Phonogram and Phonogram producers. Broadcasting. Communication to the public. First fixation of sounds. A satellite broadcast. Piracy. Remedies. Collective Management Organizations. Types of rights under collective management. Collective Management Organizations. Thank you!

By neighboring rights are protected those, who assist intellectual creators in communication the message of the author or creator of a work and help to disseminate works intended by their creators and authors to be conveyed to and enjoyed by the public at large.

The development of the phonogram and recording devices had its effect on the performing artists’ profession. The performance of actors and musicians could be fixed on a material form that can be preserved as well as re-used and reproduced. Similarly with the development of broadcasting, especially television- theatre plays, operas, concerts were no longer confined to those who saw a play. Extension – national and international audiences, able to capture the sounds and images in the privacy of their homes or in places more accessible to the public like hotels and restaurants.

The Rome Convention (1961) was an attempt to establish international regulations in a new field where few national laws existed. Protection of neighboring rights was thus established at the international level by the Rome Convention Why are these referred to as neighboring rights? Is it because they have developed in parallel with copyright and that the exercise of these rights is very often linked with the exercise of copyright. The development of technology resulted in the need not only to ensure protection of literary, artistic, and scientific works by means of copyright, but also to establish effective protection for the various intermediaries associated with the dissemination and broadcasting of works.

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