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Latvia. Location. Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Language. Latvian language is a Baltic language spoken in the Baltic region. Latvia population. Flag. The flag in. Capital. Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia. Culture. Traditional Latvian folklore, especially the dance of the folk songs. Top ivents in Latvia. Riga city festival. Wisited places. We were in. Thanks for your attention!

Riga city festival - A series of free events to mark the city’s anniversary each year. Song and Dance Celebration - A longstanding tradition, the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration has taken place once every five years. Lattelecom Riga Marathon - One of the fastest growing marathons in Northern Europe. Summer sound - One of the greatest parties on the Baltic Sea coast. Midsummer - A magical night in summer when the mythical fern flower is said to blossom.

We were in Riga with our class. We visited zoo park and candy factory. There was a lot of animals in the zoo it was really interesting to watch out which animals is not in Lithuania. The candy factory was also interesting because there we can ourselves to produce their own sweets and eat them.

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