Civil society in Latvia

Civil society in Latvia. Civil society is. Types of non-governmental organisations in Latvia. Characteristics of non-governmental organisations. Operating principles of NGOs. Funding sources for NGOs. Business activities. The importance of civil society. Profile of the NGO sector in Latvia. CSO Sustainability Index. Strengthening civil society. Conclusion.

The object of research – Latvian civil society. The aim of this article - to provide an overview of current civil society situation in Latvia. Objectives: To describe the concept of civil society. To explain importance of civil society organisations. To identify features of Latvia‘s civil society in the past and nowdays.

Societies A society is a voluntary association of persons, which operates to achieve the statutory aim. Therefore, it is an organisation of members that brings individuals together on the basis of the principle of association. The purpose of a society is not gaining profit. Foundations The foundation is a body of property, which is separated to reach the founder’s goal. A foundation has no members. It may have one or more founders. The founder status is maintained for life. The purpose of a foundation is not gaining profit.

Voluntary. Spokesmen of independent thought. Relations between society and the state power. No motive to gain profit.

NGOs operate according to democratic principles. Voluntary participation. Transparency. Separation of powers. The principle of collegiality.

Own resources; Private support; Local government support; National government support; European Union support.

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