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RE Graduate Research Executive JD. Graduate Research Executive – IPSOS MORI Performance Profile. Education BSc Marketing , University of Roehampton anticipated grade 2017 to present Relevant Modules. Professional Experience Beauty Therapist Self Employed , London 2014 to present. Salon Manager Waldorf Hilton Hotel , London 2008. Beauty Therapist Self Employed , London 2000. Sales Consultant , Dekart Ltd , Latvia 1998. Audio Visual SalesConsultant , VIS Ltd , Latvia 1997. Acoustic Constructor Designer , Acoustic Laboratory , Latvia. PA to Head Department at Electric technology Aviation Engineering Institute 1979. Voluntary Teaching assistant , St. Bartholomew’s primary school. Referees Academic Tatiana Predelina. Professional Anastasia Korabuhina. Why do you want to work for us. Assessment centre practice.

I am a dedicatedsecond year BSC Marketing degree student who will be graduated in2020. I am excited by an opportunity to apply my quantitative and qualitative market research knowledge and creativity in real-life research that could contribute to the improvement of the customer journey. Please find my CV attached to support my application for Graduate Research Executive.

This vacancy is appealingbecause of the international respect Ipsos MORI has as an innovative multi-specialist organisationwith diverse cultural backgrounds. I appreciate the dedication to employee development through a one-year comprehensive foundation program in research and practical application in a commercial environment.

My previous entrepreneurial experience and understanding ofconsumer behaviour understanding will helpbuildmycareer in market research, getting fulfillment from involvement in collaborative work with integrity to suppliers, clients and co-workers and project management teams. Let me draw your attention to my ability to effectively communicate within a diverse society in 3 languages, a strong consumer-orientated attitude and to thecommitment to finding the best solution for the client.

Degree in Marketing, and a natural interest in analysing information and data for problem-solving as well as inspirational experience as a consultant who has designed company presentations, pitches, questionnaires, specifications and protocolsas shown inmyCV. My exceptional attention to detail would be valuable in this role.

A competent year 2 BSc Marketing degree student with proven analytical and critical thinking skills. Extensive experience of working within a fast-paced environment, running its own business in the Holistic Health and Beauty industry, including managing and training of staff. Effectively collaborates with both colleagues and customers and demonstrates an attentive approach to scrutinising data to achieve the goals. Seek an opportunity to contribute to the company’s objectives and personal development.

Effective communication skills with a diverse range of people, presentational and follow-up skills.

Reliable with effective time management skills and committed to the task.

BSc Marketing, University of Roehampton (anticipated grade: 2:1)2017 to present

Relevant Modules: Analysing information and data for problem-solving, Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Digital World, Managing People, and Careers, Customer behaviour.

Market research, gathering information on an innovative product in the beauty industry.

Build and maintain excellent client relationships to ensure customer satisfaction.

Planned to follow up treatments and created individual programs for homecare skin routines.

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