A group for children with speech and communication disorders.

Respect a child, his individuality. Respect and trust the staff. Respect and care for parents, their needs and expectations.

Nursery - kindergarten "Girinukas“ educational process is organized by prepared teachers in pre-school program. Also, kindergarten participates in an international education project" Step by Step ", applies the Montessori educational system, takes part in an international education program Zippy's Friends. The curriculum is complemented by Waldorf pedagogy and Reggio Emilia preschool education system elements.

Teachers are professionally prepared for satisfying the needs of children to communicate, to help children learn to love and be loved, feel safe and free. Significant contributions were made by specialists: speech therapists, Non-Formal Education (Physical Education), teacher of art education (music, art) and psychologist. Teachers team cooperate with Kaunas College J. Vienožinskis Arts Faculty, Pre-School Education Department.

Education is organized by the individual institution's teachers created program. The aim is a healthy, creative, self-confident child that is ready to learn a good primary education program. Institution attends 225 children. There are 12 groups: 1 nursery, 9 preschool, 2 preparatory classes. Also, there are one pre-school group for children with speech and language disorders, which seeks all possible ways to develop the child's communicative powers.

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