Cooperation with parents in Kindergarten

Cooperation with parents in kindergarten. Good cooperation with parents. Parent’s day. Participation in education. Participation in events. Picture book libraries. Daily interaction. Class letter/report. General meetings with parents. Class meetings with parents. Individual meetings with parents. In kindergarten ‘‘ Vaikystė‘‘. ’’Žibintų šventė‘‘ in kindergarten ‘‘Vaikystė‘‘.

The ways for a good cooperation with parents: 1.Parent’s day 2.Participation in education 3.Participation in events 4.Picture book libraries 5.Method of comunication: 1. Daily interaction 2. Class/letter report 6. Meeting with parents: 1. General meetings with parents 2. Class meetings with parents 3. Individual meetings with parents. 7. Counseling for parents.

I did practice in kindergarten ’’Vaikystė‘‘. Here teachers use few of these ways to cooperate with parents: Parent’s day, Participation in events, Daily interaction, Class/letter report, General meetings with parents , Class meetings with parents, Individual meetings with parents. Group where I did practise, has a facebook group, where teacher posts childrens photos,what they are doing in kindergarten. This kindergarten has a tradition celebrate ‘‘Žibintų šventė‘‘ This event brings together the entire community of kindergarten.

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  • Cooperation with parents in Kindergarten
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