My city Grigiškės

My city Grigiškės. History. 1958 Grigiškės. Grigiskes is a city in the Vilnius city municipality. There is the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Grigiškės, the hospital. So is the building of the new church. From 1928 a paper mill is in operation (owned by Grigiškės AB). Water power plant (Patvenkta Vokė) Grigiskiu pond. The Grigiskes city. First school is Russian and Polish. Vilniaus sav. Grigiškių gimnazija. Graduated from this gymnasium in. Second is Lithuanian, Šviesos gymnasium. Grigiskiu Primary school. First Kindergarten, Rugelis, lopšelis-darželis. Second is „Pelėdžiukas“. And third is "Lokiuko giraitė". Famous school of art, dance and music. Grigiskiu „Meno mokykla“. Also finished it in. The concerts took place in the Grigiskiu house of culture. Also I learned to dance. Grigiskiu library. There are as. Motorcycle track. Also Grigiskes have 4 shops and many stalls. Grigiskes have 3 stadiums. In Grigiskes you can see many bridges. Most of all in Grigiskes I like nature, forests and rivers. Let's look at my photos. View from my window. There are still many places to visit, but I'll probably stop.

The burials of the V-VII and VIII-X centuries in the vicinity of the city indicate that the settlements in this area have existed since ancient times. After the Second World War, the plant was expanded, which contributed to the further growth of the city, which took place mainly at the expense of workers from Belarus. May 15, 1958 Grigiškės received the status of an urban settlement, and in the same year the first school with instruction in the Lithuanian language was founded.

They are located on both sides of the Voke river and on the A1 road Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda, south of the river Neris.

It is the only city in Lithuania that belongs to the municipality of another city. The center of the eldership.

There is the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Grigiškės, the hospital.

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