Skyscrapers as they are under cinstruction

Skyscrapers as they are under cinstruction.

Of course, now nobody will call buildings 43 meters high a skyscraper. But then it was big break, after all what skyscraper without elevator? People understood that the top floors are more isolated from noise, than lower, from them opens the excellent look, there is more light and began to hand over them for a high price. So it's the whole idea a skyscraper.

The most biggest building in the whole planet is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It i able to accommodate 35,000 people – like a population the size of a small town. All of them will leave and come into the building. To cope with this stream there are 53 elevators, some of them can gather speed over 35 kilometers per hour. The biggest of them contains to 46 passengers. Stopping such as speeding juggernaut in an emergency is a titanic challenge. But in the building is used the mechanical system of brakes - blocks squeeze guides and create such force that allows to stop the elevator.

So, over time skyscrapers started gaining popularity. Emergence of elevators opened more opportunities for architects, but there was one more problem - than the building was higher, than it was heavier and traditional materials were no longer strong enough.

In 1893 the architect Daniel Burham of the Fuller Flatiron building in New York faced such problem. It totalled 22 floors and was the largest office center in the world. If it was built of traditional materials, i.e. stone, the building would settle very strongly.

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