IMC Food promotion

IMC Food promotion.

Shepherd (2006) argues that healthy growth and cognitive development transition into adulthood, for healthy eating habits to be maintained into adulthood it is important to encourage healthy habits as early as possible. Since there is not an effective program encouraging focussing on promotion of a healthy diet specifically among university students in the UK (Cooke and Papadaki, 2014) the campaign should be perceived in a manner that potentially would transcend through voluntary word of mouth (Berger and Schwartz, 2011), since it is an ideal position, spontaneous and natural. Students should feel entertained as well as informed about the benefits of a healthy diet in a manner that would ultimately set a trend. For the campaign to be shared among the targeted audience without feeling as though they are being used in the process (Dobele et. al. 2005), entertainment plays a crucial part.

The title for this campaign “Eat right, future bright”, was inspired by the importance of healthy eating encouraged early and maintained transcending into adulthood (Shepherd, 2012), thus contributing towards the future well-being of the audience. The content within the delivery of a campaign plays an equally important part, there is evidence of “high profile” celebrities gaining a wide range appeal among young people. In terms of healthy eating Jamie Oliver has excelled in promotion having become a household name (Lane and Fisher, 2015), Currently, healthy diet promotion can be seen along exercise encouraging campaigns as well (Joireman et. al. 2012), therefore there is an opportunity for athlete involvement in the campaign, since athletes are positive public figures with high visibility, this opportunity can be adressed through a variety of mediums as well being an innovative approach to the matter, since as mentioned the male population is more concerned with exercise rather than a healthy diet, therefore an athlete is more relatable, athletes used have to be both male and female in order to appeal to both demographics. Although acquiring professional athletes will attract enough attention, the situation should involve humour since British viewers want honest, witty and funny advertising (Whitelock and Rey, 1998). The convergent elements should include a cooking process delivered by an athlete emphasizing on the benefits of ingredients used in the process as well as cost and time aspect mentioned, therefore the script will involve emphasis on how athletes made the most out of these aspects in their career. Having original, flexible and elaborative diverging elements (Smith et. al., 2007) that include an unorthodox setting in which an athlete performs the cooking process e.g. a professional boxer fighting off attackers while making breakfast, an Olympic swimmer diving for fish that is then cooked on a fire ignited from a lightning on an island; Combining forceful, surprising actions (Kover 1995) as well as a balance will result in an effective creative campaign (Kilgour and Koslow, 2009).

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