Human resource Applied Workshop Diary

How to use this workbook. Diary Entry 1 – Human Resources. Diary Entry 2 – Managing Information. Diary Entry 3 – Marketing. Diary Entry 4 – Management Accounting. Assessment 1 – Applied Workshop Diary Weighting. Module Pass Requirements. Assessment Schedule Assessment 1 Workshop Diary. Guidance on Entries. Submission of Entries. Entry Submission Date. What is the employment relationship , and how can it be managed by the HR function? What are the main benefits and pitfalls of connected systems , both personally and from a corporate perspective. Who stores your data? How do decisions vary at different levels? What are the characteristics of information at these levels. How is Knowledge ‘ managed’ differently to Information. What are the benefits of bespoke development? Do they outweigh the cost. Pick a campaign , why is it creative. How does Don Draper , Aldi and Ryan Air link to marketing theory. Jack Ma , Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg How do their leadership style influence their marketing approach. Week Introduction to Management Accounting. Week Internal Reports. Week Variance Analysis.

Module Pass Requirements: Students are required to achieve an average mark (across Assessment 1 and Assessment 2) of 40%

You are required to provide FOUR journal entries (including a Reflection), and answer the specific questions as set out in this workbook.

The application of appropriate theory and concepts within a specific organisational context.

Clearly discuss organisations from a number of functional viewpoints (including human resources, managing information, marketing and management accounting);

Accurately reference your work using the School of Business and Enterprise Harvard Referencing System.

This workbook forms part of your assessment for HR1005 – it is Assessment 1 (Workshop Diary). You will need to submit this electronically as part of your submission.

To help you to understand how it works, here are a few pointers.

Each Diary Entry will differ according to the function that you are studying. Some may include questions that you are required to consider and answer, others may require you to reflect on an aspect discussed in the seminar. Your Workshop Tutor will guide you on this during the Assignment Session.

As a result, the requirements and assessment criteria for each journal may differ slightly depending on the organisational function that you are learning about, but generally each journal entry should include the key things you learned during each topic and apply appropriate theory and concepts within specific organisational contexts.

This Workshop Diary runs side-by-side with your seminars/workshops. Please bring along a copy of the Workbook to each seminar, as your Tutors may want to get you to consider some of the assessment content.

Although you will have a printed copy, you need to keep an electronic copy as this is what you will be submitting. The electronic copies contain areas for you to ‘write’ in. You will see ‘Click here or tap to enter text’ where you should be writing.

Don’t forget to write your Reference List at the end of each entry!

While each entry will reflect that business function, and may have slightly diverse ways of capturing the function, generally each entry should try to ensure the following:

The entry must be 750 words max each. How these are distributed among the questions will be stated on the individual guidance for that entry;

The entry must provide an answer for each question, in each entry;

You must remember to discuss the key things you learned during each topic in class;

You must apply appropriate theory and concepts within a specific organisational context;

Your entry should contain sources and references to support your answer, and these must be consistent with the Harvard Referencing System. Remember to complete the Reference List box.

You will receive (general) feedback, feedback that links to the assessment criteria (see Blackboard) and what is called ‘Feed Forward’. Feed Forward will consist of up to 3 points that your markers think that you need to concentrate on for the next entries. You must submit this to you Group OneNote in your space (see Guideline on Blackboard) by 17:00 of the day of submission. You will receive feedback within 15 workings days, or where that is not possible your Tutor will communicate clearly with you.

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