Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management.

Review - important objective of performance management, management should discuss individual’s performance development and support requirements. It’s not enough just to give a review about past behavior, management could reach an agreement about future changes.

Regular and clear feedback and review will motivate employee by building they confidence and improving oerformance.

360-degree appraisal – this method of a feedback giving to employees recorded from a number of people like managers, subordinates, colleagues and customers. One of the advantages of this method could be that feedback provides bigger view of their performance, because wider range of people can provide employee with a different feedback, not just manager or customers feedback is important but for example colleague’s feedback can help strengthen self-development. One of disadvantages ages of this method could be that not honest feedback could be provided, for example collegues can just say a positive things or not feel confident provide honest and negative feedback, because they can be upset or react negatively about it .

Rating scheme – this method of managing individual performance is an overall rating that represents the employee’s performance and results in the areas of competencies and goals. Using this method could be rating by the scale range from “outstanding” to “unacceptable”. One of the advantages of this method could ne that is easy to use and understand, because feedback could be collect quickly and very straight forward. But disadvantage could be that the same rating could be given to employees and that could confuse them if they feedback are honest and personal, because might another colleagues got the same rating.

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