Seven Wonders of the World presentation

Seven Wonders of the World presentation.

Decorated with the most famous artists of the era bronze statues. The building had a lot of columns, on which was mounted a wooden roof. Temple served as a market place and a place of religious worship. It was attended by merchants, kings, pilgrims who offered sacrifices to Artemis: golden statues, rings, bracelets, necklaces, art, derived from a variety of locations, from Persia to India.

120 meters tall, built on the levee, protected the city of Alexandria lagoon from the sea wave. It was the tallest building at that time. At the top was a mirror that reflected the light. Beacon gave up and then someone accidentally smashed mirror, which has been restored. The lighthouse was built of stone and white marble cover. Lighthouse mirror was used to not only reflect light, but also illuminate the opposing ships and set fire to them even further before reaching the port.

Great Pyramid of Giza. It is located in the city of Giza. . Construction lasted 20 years was ready for the beginning of the place and stones. Pyramid surface was covered with a layer of leveling, which broke through the ages.

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  • Seven Wonders of the World presentation
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