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The Arctic Fox. Beautiful, elusive, mysterious – and critically endangered.Scientific name Alopex lagopus. Range. ❄ Arctic Foxes are native to the cold Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. ⇾ Because of. Habitat. Community. The Arctic Fox tend to live in solidarity. Years in the wild and 15 years in captivity. Life span. Economic value. The fur of the arctic fox has been regularly farmed since. ↠ The Arctic.

It’s the only land mammal, native to Iceland.

⇾ Because of the long fur the Arctic Fox can adapt to -50 degree weather. ⇽.

In the winter they can be found on ice floes.

The fur of the arctic fox has been regularly farmed since 1865.

↠ The Arctic fox is a mammal. It gives birth in the spring after gestation period which is 8 weeks. The fox gives birth to 6-8 foxes at a time but the number can rise up to 14.

↠ After birth the male and female Arctic foxes stay together to raise the young ones, once they grow up females leave to find a pack and make their own family while males stay.

The arctic fox is a significant bird-egg predator.

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  • Arctic Fox slides
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