Speak about the subject of economics

The Subject of Economics. Going to speak about the subject of economics. First of all. Economic agents  interact. Unemployment , inflation , monetary and fiscal policy , Gross domestic product or GDP , economic growth. Supply and demand. Behavior of  economic agents. Market structures , such as  perfect competition and monopoly , imperfect competition and market failure. Consumer and producer behavior , such as profit maximization and supply. Business forms. Production and scale. Cost measurement and minimization. Price  elasticity. Besides , talking about. All in all. Start Up Capital. Facilities and Location. Permits and Licenses. Designers , writers , journalists , musicians are  self employed. Limited liability companies. Public limited company. Sole trader , partnership , limited , unlimited liability company , ownership , private , public company. The chain of command. Flattening hierarchies and delegating resposibility. The concept of  utility. The opportunity cost. The  opportunity cost. Individuals ,  households  and firms.

1. Market structures, such as perfect competition and monopoly, imperfect competition and market failure;

2. Consumer and producer behavior, such as profit maximization and supply;

Besides, talking about sectors of economy in the 20th century, economy is consist of four sectors:

All in all, as the science of decision making, economic science operates in our daily life. Therefore we should be aware about fields of economics, because it isn't just a subject.

The market is the area that you sell your products or services.

How much do you need and why? What do you need it for? Where can you get that money from?

Sole trader, partnership, limited, unlimited liability company, ownership, private, public company.

Also are functional structure(different departments cannot take finnancial decisions without consulting with other related department), matrix management(people report to more than one superior), teams(temporary groups that are responsible for entire project) and flattening hierarchies and delegating resposibility(people with lower levels can‘t take important decisions).

Distribution – when goods and services move from produsers to consumers

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