Education system

Education system.

Developing student's personality and focusing on their inner world would decrease the depression, confussion with the environment, discrimination among the peers, teasing and bullying in the school. Alot of students in Lithuania and other countries have been reported to have shoted their own classmates and even committed suicide . More attention should be concentrated on the character developing to avoid tragic consequences.

In other words students wouldn't be afraid to socialise freely, they would be more calm and confident with the occuring unpleasent life events, such as maturity, parent's divorce, change of residence and so on.

The present education system needs to be changed to ovoid the negative consequences, which are seen in everyday life, it hardly responds to spiritual needs. I have presented Lithuania education system concerning spiritual development in a poor light. Great minds and exact sciences are important for our community however human spiritual education cannot be left out, the balance is necessary.

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