E - museums

E - museums.

On the other hand, a real museum is more likely and you have opportunity to travel. If we often visit e-museums we will forget the value of real museum. All museums have their own smell. We can smell it, we have some feelings when we go through museum. Moreover, you have opportunity to visit something new, to travel. Not just sitting by computer and clicking buttons. You walk, smell, feel something new. Have memories, stories about that moment when you get to museum, you see what firstly your eyes catch. And you have stories to tell your friends or family.

All things consider, there are some advantages and disadvantages with new e-museums technology. You can choose to be at home and visit virtual museum, or to travel it depends on your priorities. I think that real museums are better, because of travelling and feelings, but also it is a good opportunity to people who do not have money or time for visiting something new.

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