Culture of England

About England. Government. Symbols. Capital. English people. Language. Religion. Architecture. Folklore. Cuisine. Literature, poetry and philosophy. Sports. Visual arts. Cinema. Museums, libraries, and galleries.

England is one of four regions of United Kingdom which also consists of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England has 48 ceremonial counties, also referred to as the lieutenancy areas of England. Area: 130.279 sq. km.

London, also the capital of whole UK. Founded by the romans in 43 AD. One of the biggest cities in Europe with urban population of ~10 million and Metro population of ~14 million. About 35% of London population are foreigners, which mostly come form India, Poland, Ireland, Nigeria, Pakistan and more.

~77 million around the world, half live in UK. English population is descended from several peoples - Britons and the Germanic tribes, mainly Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians.

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