Dzukija National Park in the south of Lithuania

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The Dzukija National Park is located in the south of Lithuania, near Druskininkai and Varena. It takes about 4 hours to drive there from Zeimelis.

It is surrounded by green forests and outstanding scenery. Almost the whole park is located in The Dainavos forest.

Riding a bike is a perfect way to reach the most remote villages, to talk to the locals, to see how they live, to enjoy sandy cliffs of the rivers, to see small forest, lakes, or even to meet a forest animal or a rare bird.

You can visit a remote Lithuanian village where a pottery master lives. He is an artist and quite interesting personality himself. He makes different works from clay turning them into black ceramic masterpieces, which you can try making too.

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  • Dzukija National Park in the south of Lithuania
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