Weather and climate disasters

Weather and climate disasters.

Looking at the chart we can see four different columns which shows the worst natural disasters around the world. In the first place is tornados and hurricanes with 153 disasters per year. Heat and fires is a bit less common with 113 per year. Third is floods, and these last year apper 84 times which is still a lot. And in the last place is extreme cold periods with 58 times per year. I wouldnt be wrong if i say, that nutarl disasters happen, and happen a lot. In the first impression it isint that big of a deal, but if you think deaper you realise how many lives was lost, how many pain peoples has tu suffer.

I absolutely agree that environmental pollution is causing natural dissasters. Explonation to this would be simple. Ozone layer is rapedly srinking, and more sun heat reaches us, and that can couse floods.

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  • Weather and climate disasters
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