Druskininkai Snow Arena essay

Druskininkai Snow Arena.

Druskininkai is a city located in southern Lithuania in Dzūkija region. It has a population of about twenty-three thousand people. This spa resort is a popular place for tourists and those who need a rehabilitation. It is also a very dynamic and modern city in Lithuania with a really picturesque landscape.

According to some sources the site of present-day Druskininkai was inhabited by local Yotvingian tribes in the early Middle Ages. In the 13th century the area became a part of the expanding Duchy of Lithuania. In 1308 the small castle was conquered by the Teutonic Knights and destroyed, causing a depopulation of the area. The first written mention of Druskininkai dates back to 1596. The name of the town suggests that the local population collected precious minerals. In the late 18th century it was believed that minerals found in the waters of Druskininkai area produced health benefits and their usage in the medical treatment.

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